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HVM#012- The Dirtiest Dozen!

Classic 1983/84 510TC re-engineered by us into a  610TC  


 We have done our best to resource all the best N/OS and second hand parts available as well as incorporating a few innovative ideas of our own including our unique Billet Sprocket Cover, custom ignition system and featuring our Two in One Stainless Race Exhaust System, YSS adjustable rear shocks and considerable bespoke hand built parts.

Taking the bike from the early ‘80s into the ‘00s – blending the best of the early looks and later engineering.


November 2018

  • Engine Capacity 570cc

  • Husqvarna 610 Crank

  • Woosner 98mm Piston

  • HVM developed nikasil cylinder

  • Kibblewhite race Valves and Springs

  • Delorto 40 carb

  • 610 TC 5-speed motocross gear set

  • HVM Footrests

  • HVA Clutch inspection cover

  • Billet HVA Brake Pedal

  • HVM Ignition – MX no lights

  • HVM 2-1 race exhaust system & silencer

  • HVM sprocket cover

  • HVM alloy airbox

  • Blue seat cover

  • Magura/Husqvarna control leavers

  • Rethal Bars

  • YSS 2way adjustable shocks

  • All new Venhill cables

  • RM250 49mm Showa Forks (425cc of w5 oil)

  • Michelin tyres with heavy duty tubes

    • 90/90-21 front

    • 120/90-18 rear

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