Here you can find a list of some of the bikes we have built. Click on the box to read more detail and see more pictures of each project.

HVMWRKS#014 "Big Red"
Our 2018 development and test machine as well as Husqvarnaman's very own race bike.
HusqvarnaMan Frame #012
Custom order 610 based on 1983 510TC
HusqvarnaMan Frame #11
570 Special
HVM 1982.5 CR500 Silver Streak
Recently completed full - factor spec restoration of a rare CR500.
CR500 Prototype
As raced by the legendary Billy Grossi. Fully restored and part of HVMs collection
As new 83/84 510 TE
This bike has been designed and built in the style of Thomas Gustavsson's of the same period.
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