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Fancy something a bit older?

Its a young man's game so they say. This MX malarkey can certainly take it out of you. My recent fall at Ashdown is testament to that - though most of me is back together now. It is though always with a tinge of sadness when you come across someone who doesn't really want to give it up, but knows they ought to. Time to hang up the boots, put down the helmet and pour a very large drink.

This is one of not me but a customer of mine..!

This CR400 belongs to a good mate of mine who has decided to retire. Its a sound bike which with a bit of a tidy and a tank spray would be an absolute credit to the marque. Its done a bit of pre-75 twin shock racing but not lead a hard life at all.

Its recently had a new piston (with re-bore) and a new carb fitted. Give me a call/email if you might be interested.

Would love to see it go to a decent new home.

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