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A blinding MXDN 2016

Wow. This is the first time I have had chance to sit down and catch up since the madness that was the des Nations. It was great to see a whole bunch of you - though I missed quite a few too I now know. Despite having my own stand next to my big yellow van I spent most of my time supporting our 510 customers, which was a ton of fun, but meant I wasn't always easy to find. I was however, delighted to have 3 of my customers ride and place well.

I was also asked to chip in and throw a spanner over Jeff Emig's Husky between races, which I was pretty chuffed to be able to do. Jeff had a cracking set of races. You can see him in action on the bike in this video from the weekend.

As well as taking my own race & development bike #602 , I brought along our unique #005 Ol'Blue for a bit of an outing. Glad I did as its new owner saw it in his wanderings around the field and despite missing me all weekend, managed to get hold of me at the workshop the next day to secure it. Built in time to be displayed on our stand at the Telford show back in Feb, its departure now means I have to put my thinking cap on for what I can build & bring to Telford in 2017.

Watch out for some BIG NEWS to come out shortly in preparation for next year's race !

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