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Going, Going, Gone!

I was well chuffed last month seeing one of my earlier bike restorations come up and sell at auction. Not any old auction house either, not too shabby!

You can visit the actual bike auction page by clicking here

A 1974 Husqvarna CR400 Moto-Cross Mikkola replica that I did a full restoration on. It won 3rd in concours at Telford in 2012 and here I am with the man himself - four-time World Champion Heikki Mikkola with pen in hand just as he had signed the tank.

It sold for a decent chunk helped no doubt by Heikki's signature.

An auction at Alexandra Palace, London is a far cry from where it was built in a lorry back next to my main workshop here at HVMHQ, as you can see from the pics below when it was being put back together.

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